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Baden near Vienna is not only a famous Austrian spa but also an incredible junction of artistic lives:

W. A. Mozart, L.v. Beethoven, F. Schubert, J. Strauß, C.M. Zierer, F. Lehar, M. Reinhardt, A. Schnitzler, A. Rainer - all composed or lived here for a while, inspired by this faboulos city.

This circumstance and being an international jury member to various choral events made Wolfgang Ziegler, a well-known composer und choral director, founding a small but unique choral competition. The International Choral Competition Ave Verum is a top choral event for only 10 choirs worldwide –organised in every 2 years.

What makes it special is that all choir formations compete in one category, singing for the Grand Prix ICC-AV.

The competition is judged by an internationally acknowledged jury such as, Javier Busto (Spain), Vytautas Miskinis (Latvia), Robert Sund (Sweden), Maria Goundorina (Russia), Mia Makaroff (Finland), Brady Allred (USA), Karmina Silec (Slovenia), Jing Ling Tam (USA), Erwin Ortner (Austria), Heinz Ferlesch (Austria), Fritz ter Wey (Germany) and Franz Herzog (Austria) – among others.

Besides the two competition parts the „Long Night of Choral Music“ is a real highlight. All 10 choirs sing together at the end of their short programs Mozart’s „Ave verum corpus“ which was first performed at the same place in 1791. Come along and feel the essence of music history!

We can’t wait finding out who will take the ICC AV Grand Prix in 2019!

The ICC|AV team - a motivated group of volunteers

Wolfgang Ziegler

ICC-AV president

Gottfried Zawichowski

ICC-AV vice-president

Katalin Janosi

ICC-AV deputy and secretary

Judit Ritz

ICC-AV finances

Heinrich Fragner

ICC-AV public relations

Maria Zeugswetter

ICC-AV catering

Dr. Wolfgang Zeugswetter

ICC-AV facility management

Sylvia Peyfuss

ICC-AV opening ceremony

Dr. Hans Diwoky

ICC-AV finances

Irena Noskova

ICC-AV jury secretary

Luca László

ICC-AV organization

Monika Ableidinger

ICC-AV organization

ICC AV 2014


Grand Prix Ave Verum: The University of Gorgia Hodgson Singers, USA

  • 1st prize & best interpretation (Classic, Romantic., 20. Cent.): THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA HODGSON SINGERS, USA (Level Golden Superior)
  • 2nd prize & best interpretation before 1700: CORO SIAMO, Austria(Level Gold)
  • 3rd prize & best interpretation after 2000: SAMFORD UNIVERSITY A CAPPELLA CHOIR, USA (Level Gold)
  • Promotionprice best conductor: Lea Esserova / PRAŽSKÁ KANTILÉNA, TSCHECHISCHE REPUBLIK (Level Silver)
  • Best repertory & audience award: BODECA NEŽA, ITALIEN (Level Silver)

ICC AV 2012


Grand Prix Ave Verum: Musica Quantica (Argentinien)


  • 1st prize Musica Quantica (Argentina)
  • 2nd prize Ellerhein Girls Choir (Estonia)
  • 3rd prize Frauenkammerchor Cantilena (Austria)
  • Västerås Kammarkör (Sweden)
  • Vox Antiqua Kamarakórus (Hungary)


  • Canticum (Norway)
  • Prima Voce Chamber Choir (USA)
  • Raniza Girls Choir (Belarus)


  • Harmonie Bernbach (Germany)
  • Vox Mirabilis (Hungary)

Special Prizes

  • Best interpretation of a choral piece composed before 1700: Musica Quantica (Argentina)
  • Best interpretation of a Classical/ (Late)Romantic/ Impressionist: Västerås Kammarkör (Sweden)
  • Best interpretation of a choral piece composed after 2000: Frauenkammerchor Cantilena (Austria)
  • Best repertoire: Musica Quantica (Argentina)
  • Best conductor: Csaba Kiss Vox Antiqua Kamarakórus (Hungary)
  • Audience prize: Frauenkammerchor Cantilena und Musica Quantica ex aequo (Austria and Argentina)