Rules of International Choral Competition

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Ave Verum - Baden - Austria • June 22nd-25th, 2017.


  1. This competition is for children's, youth, female, male and mixed choirs.
  2. Only amateurs may participate (except conductors)
  3. Choirs must not have more than 50 but at least 20 singers.


  1. All music pieces must be performed a cappella (no instrumental accompaniment)
  2. The net time of singing as well in part A as in part B should be 12 minutes minimum, 18 minutes maximum. In case of overtime the performance can be stopped by the jury president.
  3. Secular and sacred pieces are allowed.
  4. Compulsory program part A must at least contain the following music pieces:
    • a piece of Renaissance or Baroque
    • a piece of Classic or Romantic or 20th century
    • a piece composed after 2000
    • the unison compulsory song (link a the unison compulsory song)
  5. Compulsory program part B „Grand Prix":
    Free program of wide-spread repertory, pieces chosen in Part A must not be repeated in part B! The performance must consist of a cappella works of at least three different styles/periods.
  6. All choral pieces performed should follow your repertory list. Any changes of this order or key changes must be reported to the jury secretary before competition is going to start.
    (Program changes have to be announced to the organizer -email to - latest by March 1st , 2017)
  7. Long Night of Choral Music
    • Every approved choir is committed to take part at one of the partner concerts during the „Long Night of Choral Music". A varied program of max 12 minutes may also contain choreography and instrumental accompaniment (piano available).
    • During those partner concerts the audience will vote on the audience prize


  1. Fill in and send your online REGISTRATION,
    sending along 2-3 audio files (mp3) of your choir not older than 6 months (no payments needed!)
  2. Deadline of Registration: December 1th, 2016.
  3. By latest 10 days after your FAST REGISTRATION you will get the ICC-AV APPROVAL or DISAPPROVAL.
  4. In case of your approval fill in the binding APPLICATION FORM, print it and sign it.
  5. Send it by postal service to:
    • International Choral Competition Ave Verum
      Marchetstr. 50/1/3
      2500 BADEN
  6. The binding online-application must be submitted latest by December 20st, 2016.
  7. Scan your signed application form and send it also by email to:
  8. Pay the fees of participation till the deadlines:
    • Registration fee after APPROVAL
    • Competition fee till January 15th, 2017

See "PAYMENTS" below for details.


by postal service

  • 5 original scores of each music piece (photocopies will only be accepted by written approval of the publisher or composer). All scores will be returned after the competition.

by email

  • a short description of the choir and its activities (high lights),
  • a short CV of the conductor,
  • a current photo of the choir and the conductor (high resolution, jpg or png, min 1600x1200pxs)
  • English translation of choral pieces where texts are written in other languages but German, English or Latin,
  • a varied concert program (repertory list only, no scores) for the partner concert during the Long Night of Choral Music, net singing time not more than 12 minutes, instrumental accompaniment allowed.


Registration Fee

  1. please send your registration fee of € 250,00 per choir (non refundable) to the ICC-AV account by international bank transfer by latest November 15th, 2016. (NO credit cards accepted!)
  2. bank charges will be at the expense of the choir.

Competition Fee

(a)for choirs coming by bus:
€ 20,00/per active participant (all singers + conductor + voice trainer)

(b)for choirs coming by plane or train:
€ 30,00/per active participant (all singers + conductor + voice trainer))

(c)for any other escorting person:
€ 40,00/per person

What do you get for your COMPETITION FEE
For (a),(b),(c)

  • 4 hot meals
  • 1 food- and 2 drink coupons for the AFTER COMPETITION PARTY
  • Coupons for the Long Night of Choral Music partner concerts
  • ICC-AV booklet
  • ICC-AV badge
  • Admission for all competition concerts + Long Night of Choral Music partner concerts
  • goodie-bag

additional for (b)

  • bus service from/to the Vienna Airport /Central Station

Please send your Competition Fee to the ICC-AV account by international bank transfer (NO credit cards accepted!) by latest January 15th, 2017!


International Choral Competition Ave Verum
Hauptplatz 15
2500 Baden/Austria
IBAN: AT63 2020 5015 0000 6075


The cancellation of participation has to be sent to ICC-AV in written form signed by the chair or conductor of the choir (scan) by email.

  • Cancellation of participation before February 15th , 2017
    50% of the competition fee will be refunded. Bank charges will be at the expense of choirs.
  • Cancellation of participation between February 15th , 2017 and March 15th, 2017
    25% of the competition fee will be refunded. Bank charges will be at the expense of choirs.
  • Cancellation of participation after March 15th, 2017
    NO REFUND will be possible.


ICC-AV- Part A:

1st prize € 3.000,-
2nd prize € 2.000,-
3rd prize € 1.000,-

Special prizes € 500,00 each:

  • Best interpretation of a Renaissance or Baroque choral piece
  • Best interpretation of a Classical or Romantic or 20th century choral piece
  • Best interpretation of a choral piece composed after 2000
  • Best repertory
  • Promotion prize for the best conductor
  • Prize of the audience proper prize

ICC-AV-Part B: Grand Prix Ave Verum € 4.000,-


  1. the jury will consist of internationally renown choral experts
  2. each jury member evaluates the choir's competitive program up to 100 points.
  3. jury evaluation will be based on:
    • Technical performance:
    • intonation, rhythm, phrasing, accuracy with respect to the written notes, articulation and
    • Artistic performance:
    • timing, agogics, dynamics, text-interpretation, balance, accuracy of style, choral sound
  4. the five choirs with the highest amount of points in part A are approved to take part in part B , the GRAND PRIX AVE VERUM
  5. The notification of awards and the ranking will only take place at the official awards ceremony.
  6. The winner of the „Grand Prix Ave Verum" will be the choir with the highest total score of competition part A + B.
  7. All decisions by the jury will be final. Jurisdiction by court is excluded.
  8. Choirs who participate the ICC-AV will receive a written conclusion of the jury evaluation.


97 - 100 points      GOLD SUPERIOR
90 - 96   points      GOLD
80 - 89   points      SILVER
70 - 79   points      BRONZE
69 and less            CERTIFICATE of PARTICIPATION


Accommodation and travel costs must be arranged and covered and by the choirs.
Please contact our partner MONDIAL REISEN for special prices
Please refer to AVEVERUM!

Information about Baden, hotels and pensions:
Tourist Information Baden
Brusattiplatz 3, A - 2500 Baden bei Wien/Austria
Tel +43 (0)2252/86 800 - 600


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