The already worldwide known INTERNATIONAL CHORAL COMPETITION AVE VERUM will go into its 3rd edition, taking place from June 22-25, 2017 in the city of Baden.

Our international guests will be welcomed by our local choirs during the OPENING CEREMONY on Thursday, June 22nd, 2017, 5:30 pm in front of the Orangerie at Baden's Doblhoffpark. It is a tradition to greet our guest by singing a song in their native language.

The OPENING CONCERT „Choral Sparks" , taking place at the Congress Casino on Thursday, June 22nd, 2017, 8 pm, is going to be a firework of outstanding choral music performed by 3 international and 2 Austrian choirs.

We start the concert with Austria's top children choir the GUMPOLDSKIRCHNER SPATZEN. One of Estonias best mixed choirs NOORUS will follow. We expect the FEMALE CHOIR NATCHNENNE from the Music University of Minsk, Belarus. Youngsters between 16 and 26 get the chance to be selected for the PROVINCE OF AUSTRIA YOUTH CHOIR. Der LANDESJUGENDCHOR NIEDERÖSTERREICH ist ein Auswahlchor. Excellent choral music can be expected. Another real highlight for choral music gourmets will be the appearance of the UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS SINGERS from the Philippines which concludes this extraordinary choral event. Tickets at the Casino Ticket Service.
After the concert we invite our guests to watch a special FIREWORKS at the nearby KURPARK.

On Friday, June 23rd, 2017, at 10 am the ICC-Ave Verum is going to start at the Congress Casino. This is the competition part A. The five choirs with the highest points given by the international jury will get the approval to start again in part B, the GRAND PRIX, the next day. Part A is featuring 5 choirs in the morning (10 am) and 4 choirs in the afternoon (2 pm). Free admittance!

The LONG NIGHT OF CHORAL MUSIC is going to start on Friday night at 7 pm at the church St. Stephan. All participating choirs from Sweden, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Russia, Belarus, Indonesia and the Philippines sing a short program in three separated concerts. Each concert will last 45 minutes and will be followed by a 30 minute break. This is the possibility for the audience to get a drink or a snack in front of the church provided by KIWANIS CLUB BADEN. At the end of the third concert all choirs will join in into Mozart's "Ave Verum Corpus" which was first ever performed in this church back in 1791. The audience will be asked to select their favourite choir for the "Audience Award". Free admittance.

On Saturday, June 24th, 2017 all international and local choirs are invited to appear at the PUBLIC SINGING, taking place at the Theater Square from 10 – 11:30 am.

The best five choirs from ICC-Av Verum part A will meet for a new competition at the Congress Casino at 1:30 pm. After the jury appearances the choir with the highest sum of points from part A and B will announced winner of the "GRAND PRIX NIEDERÖSTERREICH".

All given prizes will be announced during the AWARDS CEREMONY at June 24th, 2017 at 7.30 pm in Congress Casino Baden. We expect distinguished guests among them the ambassadors of all part taking countries, the province governor and the mayor of Baden.